Valentine Adventure (Canyoneering)

Sharing our first canyoneering adventure!

Thought Diary

Happy Monday, dearies!

I hope Valentines day was not giving you a hang-over (of any sorts). 😀 Because, it did give me some. tehehe..

But this hang-over is so worth it. Got this from our canyoning activity last Saturday. Here’s a teaser.

newCanyoning or Cayoneering as defined in my dictionary is the sport of exploring canyons by rafting, swimming, climbing, etc.

We just did that!!! And yeah!  WE SURVIVED!!!

Canyoneering (1) The Team

It was a five-hour trekking, cliff jumping, swimming, crawling, climbing. It was quite exhausting but it’s worth the adventure. Look at these happy faces.

Canyoneering (3) Say, “We survived!”

We’re not able to bring our cellphones and cameras because we didn’t have a waterproof bag for them. So we rented a Go-Pro but it turned out that it was not really the original one, thus the photos are not really good. Plus, our guide who was also our photographer didn’t know…

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