Weekend at Estaca Bay. (Review)

Last weekend, our eco-adventure trip to Aloguinsan was cancelled due to the bad weather. I felt a bit sad about it because I was really excited for that trip.

Ace, on the other hand, being a dutiful man of my life can’t stand looking at me feeling down, he said we could still have a weekend getaway somewhere near and safe. Our first choice was Villa Teresita in Talisay, but we figured it was a bit far. We ended up calling Estaca Bay Garden Resort for a room reservation.

The pool was all ours. 

It was already one in the afternoon when we called to book a room. The sky was gloomy and the rain started pouring after few minutes. We hesitated to go but we had our things already packed. Fortunately, the rain stopped after an hour. Despite the still dark sky, we pursued our plan.

Estaca Bay entrance. 

When we arrived, we were told to directly go to the front office where the reception area is located. Their friendly staff attentively assisted us.

Ace at the reception area. 

This is the reception area, where guests could lounge while waiting.

Lounge area.

Now, look at these eco-friendly lampshades. Ace told me it’s made from abaca. As well as the sofas above.

Native lamp shades. 

This is the hallway going to our room. Look at the posts wrapped in abaca, they are so unique and cute. And the ceiling is also made from pallet.


This is our deluxe room. I was a bit disappointed with it, though. First, we were having trouble with the door knob, it’s hard to open it. Second, the room smelled like it has not been used for a while. It was not big and it looked old. I was even scared to go to the bathroom. Nevertheless, the room is fully air-conditioned, with cable television, mini refrigerator, a big closet, and complete with the basic toiletries. Oh, at least the bed is comfortable.


It was around four when we finally settled our things in the room. We decided to stroll the place first. Though, I am from Compostela, this is my first time to visit this resort. Let’s see what they’ve got.

See this beautiful patio outside our room.


And these lush greeneries.. ahh! Positive ions everywhere!


This is the end point on the north side. Oh, how I loved the refreshing breeze of the sea. We were the only people in this area, so we took the oppurtunity to take perfect silhouette photos.

Here’s Ace — one with the ocean and the sky.

Ace on emo pose.

This is the kids pool which is until 5ft deep. It has a short slide, too. (Because I don’t know how to swim, we stayed here most of the time.)

The sky was still gloomy. I reckoned the water in this pool is already cold.

Kid’s pool.
Photo not mine. (Google images)


This one is the adult’s pool. This is 6ft-9ft deep. When we took a dip here, we were the only people because it was around five o’clock. So, the pool was all ours. Ace really had a great time practicing his diving skills here. I, on the other hand, only stayed on the stairs. (Poor girl, I really need to learn how to swim. Somebody, teach me!)

Anyway, after he had enough, we transferred to the kid’s pool. After few strokes, we decided to eat our dinner outside the resort.

They actually have a restaurant inside but we both wanted to eat tuslob-buwa…cravings!



After dinner, we agreed to try their jacuzzi. Gush, we’re so lucky. The pool and the jacuzzi was all ours again.


The next morning, my younger brother came to visit us since our house is only few kilometers away. While waiting for the pool to open, we had our breakfast which was included in our overnight stay.

American breakfast inside the resort’s restaurant.

Before swimming, we have to wear these colored swimming tags. (Red means you booked a room; green/blue/yellow means walk-in guests.) No tag, no swim. 

Swimming tags. 

Getting ready! Look at my brother. He has grown up so fast. Who thought he’s only 12-year old, when he’s taller than me?

Now, who’s taller?

Nobody in the pool again? Well, that’s great!!! We felt like we rented the resort exclusively. (NOTE: There were many guests, but they were at the beach. Or maybe, we were just too early.)

We really had a great time. It’s evident in our faces. Despite our disappointment with the room, the feel of tranquility compensated it.


So, this is Demi saying: “RELAX, CHILL and UNWIND! After all, life is too short to not pause for a while.” 🙂


  • Deluxe Room: Php 1800
  • Brother’s entrance: Php 50
  • Brother’s pool fee: Php 100

For more information about their rates, kindly visit theie website here.


  ‘Til our next wander…See you!


Xoxo, Ace and Demi.




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