Santander’s Sanayon Site | South Cebu Tour

Blessed are the curious for they shall have ADVENTURES!

When in Santander.

Has anyone here heard about “Sanayon Site” in Santander, Cebu? Nestled in Pasil, Santander, the place is more known as the Igwaron Park.

During our South Cebu Tour, we passed by this site on our way to Samboan and Ginatilan, Cebu. It looked very inviting so we decided to drop by on our way home. 

Sanayon Site, Santander

According to our tour guide the main source of living in the town is fishing and agriculture. This site was made because of the abundant harvest of the town folks. Some time ago, Santander had a Sanayon Festival but for some reason it’s no longer done these days.

That’s Sumilon Island.

The site offers a picturesque view of the neighboring islands like Bohol, Siquijor, Negros and Sumilon. However, it was cloudy during our visit and all we could see was Sumilon Island.

Ahh, Sumilon!

Our guide also said that the place offers a wonderful view of the sunset but we were unable to wait because it was starting to drizzle.

Ace and Demi in Sanayon Site, Santander.

Although it was just a short stop-over, we couldn’t help but talk about the place on our way home. The town although not very big, sure has something more to offer. And we’d like to discover more about it, not to mention the folk tales from the people that would surely ignite anybody’s curiousity.

‘Til our next adventure!

Keep safe.

Love, Ace and Demi 

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