How To Get A Local Transport Permit for Your Pet in Cebu. (Updated 2018)

Everyone, meet Elliot. 😀

And he’s our new travel buddy!

Life just got better when this furry baby came to our life. We stood three months of not traveling because we have to wait ’til Elliot’s ready to travel with us. And finally, the wait is over!!!


For Elliot’s first trip with us, we are taking him to the Lost Horizon of the South — Camotes Island.

First things first: the transport permit. 

Here are the easy steps on how to get one in Cebu:

1. Prepare the requirement(s):

  • The Rabies Vaccination Certificate (Your pet should have been vaccinated not more than one (1) year of age and not less than fourteen (14) days from the time of vaccination.)

2. Go to the Bureau of Quarantine and request for a Travel Permit.

3. Fill up the form with the following information:

  • Name of the Shipper
  • Address of Origin
  • Address of Destination
  • Type of Animal to be Shipped
  • Date of Travel
  • Purpose
  • Mode of Transport
  • Wait for the permit to be released. (Mine did not take 10 minutes.)

Important Notes:

* Bureau of Quarantine Cebu is located in BFAR 7 Compound, Arellano St., Cebu City. (Walk at the corner across the Police Station in Pier 1.

*Central Office: (02)925-4343 Email:

* Only animals aged at least 3 months shall be allowed for shipment.

* For dogs and cats, you need to BRING them with you upon getting the permit. (Contrary to what I’ve read online. Glad I brought Elliot with me. The person after me was not given one because his dog was not with him. The staff said, it is to avoid ‘scam’ because some people outside are offering vaccination certificates-for-rent.  )

* You don’t have to be the owner nor the shipper to get the permit.

* There is NO FEE.

* In Cebu, the form to be filled-up is in Bisaya. So ask assistance from the staffs if you can’t understand. 😀

BONUS: For international transport (import and export) you may refer to this post for more information.


Should you find any error or changes to this application process, feel free to leave us a comment below. 😀

We’re excited to go on our first trip with Elliot. Stay updated for our adventure!

‘Til next time.

Love, Ace and Demi (and Elliot)