Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant | A Beach in The Heart of The City.

Valentine’s day is coming.
Here’s a perfect place for a date.

Thought Diary

Yesterday, we celebrated our fourth month of being married. As much as others disliked it but hubby and I wanted to celebrate every month we surpass together. Because our schedules don’t meet so we could have an out-of-town trip, we agreed to arrange a dinner date in a seafood restaurant instead.


Last Friday, I came across Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant on the internet and saw the good reviews. It is a perfect place for our date because it’s located near our apartment. I didn’t have a problem with making hubby agree, too.

dsc_1146 The entrance.

We went there after going to church. It was still daylight when we arrived and there were not many customers yet. We got to chance to take photos without photobombers. 😀

dsc_1147 The lagoon.

The entrance is a bridge crossing a small a lagoon. It’s a saltwater lagoon with small fishes in it, not to mention the…

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