Discover Catmon | Chasing Waterfalls and Trekking Rivers

The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. ~~ Roald Dahl

Tinubdan Falls, Catmon

Catmon, Cebu — home of Cebu’s second highest peak, Mt Kapayas. Despite being flocked by outdoor enthusiasts and the like, this town remained self-effacing and humble. And lately, with people’s never ending quest of discovering wonderful places to visit, Catmon, in all fairness has another reason to boast.


Behind the tall mountains of the municipality hides a wonderful haven full of nature’s bliss. A mysterious river slithers through the valleys of the town and divided it into the Old Catmon and New Catmon.


This place is not known to many people not even to most locals. Some of them knew the place but never dared to visit it because of the creepy stories that circulates around the town. Not even the kids in the area are fond to play in this river.

Rumors have it that there were mysterious disappearances in the area. Sometimes, locals nearby hear uproarious sounds coming from the river but there are no people around. Our guide forwarned us to leave the river before 5:00pm to avoid any untoward circumstances.

Hmm? That sounds really creepy!


We trekked for about five minutes before we caught a glimpse of this beguiling watercourse. Just the sound of the water cascades was already inviting. As if nature’s telling us to leave the worries behind and commune with her. And that, my friends, we couldn’t resist. Before we knew it, our feet were already in the water and we’re ready to plunge into an unknowingly great adventure.


There’s something with rivers that we like so much. We love the beach but we always long for the streams.

It gives us the thought that life is indeed like a river. It keeps flowing.

Ace and his emotion.

There are times that life is calm and peaceful. Times when life is steady, just the way you like it to, like nothing wrong could come its way. The water maybe placid but it is vulnerable. This tranquility won’t stay that way.  


Struggle pa more!

Sometimes, this life could be harsh that you struggle and fluctuate. The flow could be strong that it could drown you, that it could wash you away forcing you to leave your comfort zone. These times will come when you least expect it, it’d slap you on your face and you couldn’t do anything to stop it.  



Kapit lang, bes!

Yes, you’ll have a lot of struggle, a lot of holding on, a lot of letting go, too. But one thing is for sure, all of these things will lead you to a better place. All of these struggles will lead you to something great. Really great that you also did not expect it. 

Tinubdan Falls

Yay!!! I couldn’t believe I just wrote that. hahah

Let’s get back to reality, everybody. 😀 And after that musing, Tinubdan Falls finally! Look at that isn’t that worth our struggles? Waterfalls everywhere.

Ace and Demi cheesy moments. 

Hubby and I were very astounded. Tinubdan Falls is not as tall as the waterfalls in the Southern part of Cebu, but it’s stunning just the way it is. It’s unique in its own way. Albeit its height, it would never disappoint you.


We also learned that during the Second World War, this place was developed by the Americans in order to supply electricity for their camp at combat in Agsuwao, Catmon. However, there were no trace of that.

River trekking in Catmon.

We saw more mini falls as we continued trekking downstream. We climbed more rock boulders along the way which tested our balancing skills. It was one great adventure indeed!

Ace and Demi trekked Catmon river.

Before we conclude this post, I’d like to mention few wonderful friends we met during this jaunt. Nhagz of Nhagzventures, who invited us to join this trip, Padz Lai of The Little Lai: Beyond Limits, and Gly of Chasing Potatoes. We look forward to having more adventures with you. Until next time. 🙂


What is life but one great adventure!

P.S  We had a wonderful time in this place and would love to come back again. Let’s help keep this place the way it is. Practice responsible tourism. LEAVE NO TRACE

Until our next adventure!

Keep safe!

Love, Ace and Demi



Degree 9 Coffee

This is a good news to coffee enthusiasts like us who are on a never-ending quest of finding good cafes.

Introducing a new coffee house in town — Degree 9 Coffee. Situated in Norkis Cyberpark, adjacent to J Centre Mall, along AS Fortuna Street, Mandaue City.


It has opened few weeks ago. Due to our busy schedules we didn’t have the chance to try it although it’s only a three-minute walk from our house. 😀

After a long day last Sunday, we finally got the chance to try this out. Ace and I went there with our roommate, Abby who was also celebrating her birthday on that day.


We learned that Degree 9 has it’s main shop located on the ground floor of Gagfa Building in Barangay Kasambangan, Cebu City. It even attracted more customers when it was included in Sun.Star’s Best of Cebu Award and won the 2015 Best House Blend Coffee award.

View from the second floor.

Angel dela Fuente, the coffee shop’s lead barista, said coffee beans from Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil and Indonesia are meticulously prepared fresh using their in-house roaster. She said this made them attract coffee enthusiasts to try their various coffee products. — Source: Sunstar Cebu

Second floor.

This new branch has an ample space that could accomodate 30-50 people. They have different tables and high chairs. We also love this metal stairway to the second floor. Seemed like we are in a bar or something. 😀

The metal staircase. 

Look at this wonderful view from the second floor. I also like those cute centerpieces.

View from the second floor. 

What I like best on this new coffee shop is that they have NO WIFI. They encourage you to talk to each other — like the old times, you know. (Sorry, to those who need wifi connection.) Although internet connection is like a necessity these days, I like the idea of stores not having a wifi connection. 🙂


Good thing they have smoothies and teas for those who are not into coffee like Abby. She ordered the Matcha Green Tea Latte. She said it was good. We haven’t tasted it though. We, on the other hand, ordered Cafe Mocha and Javachip Frappe. The taste was no different to the big coffee shops out there. 🙂 Yet the price was so affordable.

You might want to try this one out. It’s easy to find it because it’s just along the highway.

‘Til our next coffee find!

Xoxo, Ace and Demi.