Heaven In the Border | Borderside Mountain Resort

Head to the border but do not cross the line.


For office people like us who spend the whole week in the city, beating deadlines and dealing with the daily traffic jams, nothing is more comforting than spending a weekend in a place that guarantees relaxation and peace. Most of us seek refuge in the refreshing feel of the mountain, while others prefer the calmness of the sea.


Beaches are the common go-to place to unwind and chill because they are readily accessible. However, beach resorts tend to be crowded and busy on weekends. This gives way to the rise of mountain resorts.


So, we were very hyped up when we learned about Borderside Mountain Resort in Compostela, just five minutes away from our house. Tucked near the border of Compostela and Danao, this resort lies peacefully in Bugho, Bagalnga, a far-flung barangay of the former.


It isn’t as accessible as Gatubod Spring Resort in Basak, so only a few people know about this place. We never got the chance to visit it, not until last weekend. Ace and I went on a road trip with Elliot, and we decided to check it out. (Ways on how to get there is written below.) 


As soon as we got off from the motorcycle, I instantly fell in love with the place. It was quiet, laid-back and refreshing. I like how it doesn’t feel like a commercial resort but a rest house. The entrance of the resort is canopied by the lush foliage of the bamboo and mango trees. Upon entering the premises, you have to climb the staircase going to the swimming pool. The pool is 4-6 feet deep. On its right side is the house which you can rent for Php2000/night, and on its left is their mini-forest.


Aside from the serenity of the place, one thing that stands out the most is the cleanliness of the resort. I wonder how I couldn’t see a single falling leaf even when the whole place is surrounded by plants and trees. I think the caretakers are very meticulous in cleaning and sweeping them. I also want to mention how friendly and accommodating they were.




From Compostela, Borderside Mountain Resort can be accessed through Canamucan and/or Buluang road. If you opt for Canamucan road, it is the corner going to Virginia and Gatubod Spring Resort. The road is established, but prepare for an uphill drive when you start to enter the corner street going to Barangay Bagalnga proper. If you choose Buluang road, it is the corner going to Q-Park and Paradise Hills Mountain Resort. Some parts of the street are a bit rough after you pass by Paradise Hills.

You can ride a motorcycle or habal-habal from Compostela Public Market to the resort. The fare is Php40-50 per person. Tell the driver that you are going to Borderside Mountain Resort in Bugho, Bagalnga.

Recommended driver: Alfie — 09108490689

Entrance Fees:

  • Php100/head — Adult
  • Php50/head – kids

Cottages: Php250

Tables: Php200

For overnight stay: (They have rooms under construction.)

  • House: Php2000
  • Own Tent: Php200
  • Resort tent: Php500

For more information, you may contact these numbers:

  • 564-2161
  • 423-4947
  • 09088631029
  • 09420915982


It’s a garden…it’s a farm… it’s a mountain resort.

~Borderside Mountain Resort



’til next refreshing guide, everyone!

Keep safe!

Love, Ace and Demi



Gatubod Spring Resort | Review

In a tropical country like ours, cold spring resorts are really helpful to escape the heat. No wonder why mountain resorts are thriving nowadays. One is Gatubod Spring Resort in Compostela, Cebu.

Gatubod Spring_Ace and Demi2

Gatubod Spring Resort is located in Barangay Basak, Compostela, Cebu. It’s actually just one kilometer away from our house. This resort is owned by the famous Quiño clan in the town who also happens to own Green Lagoon Park.

Gatubod Spring_Ace and Demi5

The Resort:

The resort has three pools. The first pool is what welcomes you upon entering. It has a depth of 7ft. The second pool is the kids’ pool which also serves as the launching pool for the slides. The third one is the widest and has a depth of 2ft to 6ft. It also has a mini waterfall for those who wanted a water-massage.

Gatubod Spring_Ace and Demi3

The resort has two long slides that guests could enjoy. As of this writing, they have the longest slide in the northern Cebu. During our last visit, only one slide is operational due to some accidents and complains about the steepness and shape of the slide.

Gatubod Spring_Ace and Demi14

There are cottages for rent and tables for rent but no rooms for overnight stays.

No corkage. Grilling station is also available.

They have a wide car park across the resort.

Gatubod Spring_Ace and Demi6


Gatubod Spring Resort like Green Lagoon Park is also a family-oriented resort. However, it could be crowded during weekends and holidays. My advice is to book in advance or go early.

They don’t have rooms or at least lockers to leave your important belongings. Therefore, you have to take turns in swimming so someone could look after your things.

The resort doesn’t have a restaurant so better bring your own food. Good thing because there is no corkage fee. 😀

 The staffs are friendly and approachable.

Gatubod Spring_Ace and Demi11


How To Get There:

*From Sm/Mandaue, just ride a jeepney or bus going to Compostela or Danao. Ask the driver to drop you off in Compostela Public Market or in Guimbal, corner going to Virginia Foods Inc.. There are motorcycles for hire (habal-habal) and will take you to the resort. The travel from the market is 15-20 minutes.

More Information:

 *Entrance Fee — Php30 (Kids) / Php60 (Adult)

*Cottages: Ranges from Php250 – Php500

*No corkage

Gatubod Spring_Ace and Demi10

I hope you find this review helpful. 🙂 Should you find any mistakes or changes, feel free to contact us or drop us a comment below. We’d appreciate it.

‘Til next time!

Keep safe!

Love, Ace and Demi


P.S Another post about our Gatubod Spring Resort adventure also appears on Side by Side blog.

Green Lagoon Park | A Family-Friendly Beach Resort


Days are getting hotter, air is getting warmer, everybody’s ready for summer!!! 

Everybody is already hyped up for summer. Have you booked your summer getaway, yet?

Green Lagoon Park, Compostela, Cebu

For people living solo, for those who prefer traveling or spending their summer 2017 alone, it’s not hard to find a perfect place to go. However, for those who wanted to spend it with their family, finding a “family-friendly” resort is not that easy, especially if you have many kids with you. Two important things you need to consider are the rates and the distance of the place. And a place that spells “inexpensive fun”.


Worry no more!!!

Here’s Green Lagoon Park, conveniently located in Canamucan, Compostela, Cebu. (The resort has always been the venue for Ipanema’s Summer SunScream for four consecutive years now.) This resort is big and spacious which makes it ideal for family gatherings and reunions. You can let the kids enjoy swimming in the pool while adults enjoy other ammenities that the resort offers.


Another good thing for this resort, is that they have no corkage fee for food and they have grilling stations that guests can use. In case you don’t bring food with you, they have a restaurant and some concessionaires inside the facility.


Green Lagoon Park’s huge swimming pool only has a depth of four feet. Not for adults who wanted to do their diving thingy but it’s perfect for the kids. The pool also has two slides which I’m sure every kid and kid-at-heart wants.

My sister-in-law and me, kids at heart, yeah!! 

If you don’t feel like swimming in pool, you can go enjoy the beach, instead. It’s not as beautiful as the beaches in the northern and southern part of the province. The sand is not powdery white, it’s a bit rocky.

Green Lagoon Park’s beach front.

Your kids would still enjoy playing on the sand, though. Just please look after them. There are life guards in the area but there’s no harm if we take caution, too.

The beach front. 

They also have several rooms for those who wish to stay overnight. These rooms are all air-conditioned and are fully equipped with cable tv, mini fridge, and a cabinet. Each room has a king-sized bed with a private bathroom complete with toiletries. (Rate listed below.)

Green Lagoon Park’s room accommodation.

The resort also has big nipa hut cottages. You can bring your portable music speakers with you because each cottage has its own electrical outlet. (Rate listed below.)

Nipa hut cottages. 

Green Lagoon Park is also a perfect venue for team building. They have a wide area for team-building activities. Other activities in the resort includes volleyball, zipline, jet-ski, banana boat and many more.

The resort’s playground. 

How to get there:

  • Green Lagoon Park is only 27 kilometers away from the city. You can take a jeepney bound for Compostela or Danao in SM City, Cebu or even in Mandaue. (Fare 18-25 pesos.) Ask the driver to drop you off in Green Lagoon Resort. This is just along the main road.


  • Entrance Fees — Php10 (child) / Php20 (adult)
  • Cottages — Php500
  • Rooms — Php1000
  • No corkage for food except for beverages.

For more information, questions or bookings, you can contact the resort through:

  • Address: Canamucan, Compostela, Cebu  Province, Philippines
    Telephone : (+63) (32) 425-6008; 425-8761/ 406-6753
Ace and Demi in Green Lagoon Park. 

We hope you found this post helpful. If you find any error or changes with the rates, leave us some words in the comment box below. We’d love to hear from you.

‘Til our next post!

Keep safe and enjoy your summer!

Love, Ace and Demi



Weekend at Estaca Bay. (Review)

Last weekend, our eco-adventure trip to Aloguinsan was cancelled due to the bad weather. I felt a bit sad about it because I was really excited for that trip.

Ace, on the other hand, being a dutiful man of my life can’t stand looking at me feeling down, he said we could still have a weekend getaway somewhere near and safe. Our first choice was Villa Teresita in Talisay, but we figured it was a bit far. We ended up calling Estaca Bay Garden Resort for a room reservation.

The pool was all ours. 

It was already one in the afternoon when we called to book a room. The sky was gloomy and the rain started pouring after few minutes. We hesitated to go but we had our things already packed. Fortunately, the rain stopped after an hour. Despite the still dark sky, we pursued our plan.

Estaca Bay entrance. 

When we arrived, we were told to directly go to the front office where the reception area is located. Their friendly staff attentively assisted us.

Ace at the reception area. 

This is the reception area, where guests could lounge while waiting.

Lounge area.

Now, look at these eco-friendly lampshades. Ace told me it’s made from abaca. As well as the sofas above.

Native lamp shades. 

This is the hallway going to our room. Look at the posts wrapped in abaca, they are so unique and cute. And the ceiling is also made from pallet.


This is our deluxe room. I was a bit disappointed with it, though. First, we were having trouble with the door knob, it’s hard to open it. Second, the room smelled like it has not been used for a while. It was not big and it looked old. I was even scared to go to the bathroom. Nevertheless, the room is fully air-conditioned, with cable television, mini refrigerator, a big closet, and complete with the basic toiletries. Oh, at least the bed is comfortable.


It was around four when we finally settled our things in the room. We decided to stroll the place first. Though, I am from Compostela, this is my first time to visit this resort. Let’s see what they’ve got.

See this beautiful patio outside our room.


And these lush greeneries.. ahh! Positive ions everywhere!


This is the end point on the north side. Oh, how I loved the refreshing breeze of the sea. We were the only people in this area, so we took the oppurtunity to take perfect silhouette photos.

Here’s Ace — one with the ocean and the sky.

Ace on emo pose.

This is the kids pool which is until 5ft deep. It has a short slide, too. (Because I don’t know how to swim, we stayed here most of the time.)

The sky was still gloomy. I reckoned the water in this pool is already cold.

Kid’s pool.
Photo not mine. (Google images)


This one is the adult’s pool. This is 6ft-9ft deep. When we took a dip here, we were the only people because it was around five o’clock. So, the pool was all ours. Ace really had a great time practicing his diving skills here. I, on the other hand, only stayed on the stairs. (Poor girl, I really need to learn how to swim. Somebody, teach me!)

Anyway, after he had enough, we transferred to the kid’s pool. After few strokes, we decided to eat our dinner outside the resort.

They actually have a restaurant inside but we both wanted to eat tuslob-buwa…cravings!



After dinner, we agreed to try their jacuzzi. Gush, we’re so lucky. The pool and the jacuzzi was all ours again.


The next morning, my younger brother came to visit us since our house is only few kilometers away. While waiting for the pool to open, we had our breakfast which was included in our overnight stay.

American breakfast inside the resort’s restaurant.

Before swimming, we have to wear these colored swimming tags. (Red means you booked a room; green/blue/yellow means walk-in guests.) No tag, no swim. 

Swimming tags. 

Getting ready! Look at my brother. He has grown up so fast. Who thought he’s only 12-year old, when he’s taller than me?

Now, who’s taller?

Nobody in the pool again? Well, that’s great!!! We felt like we rented the resort exclusively. (NOTE: There were many guests, but they were at the beach. Or maybe, we were just too early.)

We really had a great time. It’s evident in our faces. Despite our disappointment with the room, the feel of tranquility compensated it.


So, this is Demi saying: “RELAX, CHILL and UNWIND! After all, life is too short to not pause for a while.” 🙂


  • Deluxe Room: Php 1800
  • Brother’s entrance: Php 50
  • Brother’s pool fee: Php 100

For more information about their rates, kindly visit theie website here.


  ‘Til our next wander…See you!


Xoxo, Ace and Demi.