Kinatarcan Island Travel Guide and Tips

As promised, here’s a short guide with bonus tips and reminders when traveling to Kinatarcan Island. If you missed our adventure story, click here and follow us for more.

Disclaimer! Since there has been an increase in bus tickets and fares due to the social distancing in public vehicles, we cannot give an estimated rate for now. But feel free to comment below if you have any idea about the new rates, we would surely appreciate it.

How to get there: 

  • Start your jaunt at the North Bus terminal in SM City Cebu. Take a bus or a van bound for Daanbatayan. (Be reminded that Daanbantayan is different from Bantayan, make sure you hop on the correct bus.)
  • Tell the conductor to drop you off at Daanbantayan Public Market. (Approximate travel time is 3-4 hours.)
  • From the public market, find your way to Mahayay port. You can ask the locals for directions. It’s only a walking distance, but you can also hail a pedicab from there.
  • From the port, you can ride a pump boat to Kinatarcan. (Approximate travel time is 1 hour with a fare of 70 pesos.)

All boats ply only a round-trip per day. These boats depart the island at 7-8 am and arrive at Mahayay port around 9 am every day. They usually return to Kinatarcan at 11 am, depends on the number of passengers.

 If you are traveling in a large group, it’s wise to charter a private boat. This way, you can decide your own departure time. You can ask the boatmen in the port for rates.

To those asking about bringing your own motorbikes — the fare is 250-300 pesos. You can negotiate this with the boatmen. Don’t forget to give tips to the porters who’ll help load your bike.

  • The island has three main drop-off points – Pasil, Langub, and Hagdan. You can ask your boatmen to drop you off nearest to the place where you wish to stay.
  • You can hire a motorcycle driver to drive you around the island for a guided tour. Here are some interesting spots you should check out: Forest Beach, Pasil Beach, Bitoon Beach, Byaring Cliff, Laaw Cove and LagoonTamboan ni Leon, and Hagdan Beach.
Byaring Cliff

Friendly Reminders:

Don’t miss the sunset. The island prides its majestic view of the sunset. 

Bring enough food and water. 

Bring cash. There is no ATM on the island.

Cellphone signal is intermittent in some areas. (We remember only getting a good network in the Pasil area.)

We suggest you stay at Mantao’s Family Guesthouse. For only 300 pesos per head, all amenities are covered. Plus, the whole family is welcoming (if you get lucky, you’re in for storytelling from Sir Berlito Mantao himself.) Contact them thru 09203804640 or on message them at Kinatarcan Island Tourist Attraction & Travel Tips on Facebook.

Passenger boats are always available on the time mentioned above. But if you want to arrange one ahead, you can try reaching out these numbers 09358215652 – 3 Kids Boat / 09487902845 – HD Boat.

Always leave no trace. 🙂

We hope this guide is helpful to you. Feel free to message us if you find some mistakes or want to add more to this. We’d love that!

Over to you, have you been to Kinatarcan Island?

We’d love to hear from you! Drop by in the comment section below. 🙂

‘Til our next adventure!

Keep safe!

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