Sumilon Island Sandbar | South Cebu Tour 2016

Let the waves hit your feet and the sand be your seat.

Want a quick breathe from the hustle and bustle of the city? We suggest you consider visiting Sumilon Island. Not only it’s a four-hour ride from the metropolis, it does not require you a full wallet, too.

Ace and Demi in Sumilon Island.

This beautiful secluded island is privately owned by Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort. They generously opened their sandbar to public for a very affordable fee.

When in Sumilon island. 

Visiting Sumilon Island Sandbar was included in our itinerary during our South Cebu Tour. We headed to this place right after our whale shark encounter.

The Sumilon island sandbar. 

Almost half of the sandbar portion was already submerged in water when we arrived but because the water was crystal clear, it was still visible.

The Sumilon island sandbar. 

There were not too many visitors during that time. We had a great time snorkling and enjoying the waves. After few minutes of basking in the sandbar, our tour guide offered us to tour the other part of the island. We climbed the giddy precipice which we thought is not for acrophobic individuals.

When in Sumilon island. 

But if you resolved to conquer that fear, this spot shows a panoramic view of the mainland and a wonderful view of the ocean. So, drop that fear, honey!!! You cannot miss this!

Ace and Demi in Sumilon Island. 

What do you say? Are you ready to visit the island?

We hope you enjoyed our travel diary of Sumilon Island. Have you been here? Tell us about it. 🙂 


‘Til our next adventure!

Keep safe.

Love, Ace and Demi 

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Santander’s Sanayon Site | South Cebu Tour

Blessed are the curious for they shall have ADVENTURES!

When in Santander.

Has anyone here heard about “Sanayon Site” in Santander, Cebu? Nestled in Pasil, Santander, the place is more known as the Igwaron Park.

During our South Cebu Tour, we passed by this site on our way to Samboan and Ginatilan, Cebu. It looked very inviting so we decided to drop by on our way home. 

Sanayon Site, Santander

According to our tour guide the main source of living in the town is fishing and agriculture. This site was made because of the abundant harvest of the town folks. Some time ago, Santander had a Sanayon Festival but for some reason it’s no longer done these days.

That’s Sumilon Island.

The site offers a picturesque view of the neighboring islands like Bohol, Siquijor, Negros and Sumilon. However, it was cloudy during our visit and all we could see was Sumilon Island.

Ahh, Sumilon!

Our guide also said that the place offers a wonderful view of the sunset but we were unable to wait because it was starting to drizzle.

Ace and Demi in Sanayon Site, Santander.

Although it was just a short stop-over, we couldn’t help but talk about the place on our way home. The town although not very big, sure has something more to offer. And we’d like to discover more about it, not to mention the folk tales from the people that would surely ignite anybody’s curiousity.

‘Til our next adventure!

Keep safe.

Love, Ace and Demi 

P.S You might want to hear about the rest of our South Cebu Tour. Know about our Historical Visit in Oslob and stay updated for the rest of the places we visited by subscribing and following our site. Blessings! 

We Woke Up and It’s 2017!!!


Wow! Look how the days go by. It was like yesteday was 2016 and we woke up realizing we are halfway the first month of 2017!

Where have we been, by the way?

We were actually just around but life got busier after the holidays that we didn’t have the chance to have a sneak peek at our corner, and we’d like to apologize for that. Things just went out of our control.

Anyway, here we are trying to catch up with everyone of you. And we are very excited to share what we have been up to these days.

We know this year’s gonna be very awesome. To start that awesomeness, we climbed a mountain on the very first dawn of the year!

First dawn of 2017. 

There’s this mountain near our place that gives a wonderful view of Camotes and Mactan islands. We’ve heard from our ancestors that catching the first sunrise of the year brings good fortune and luck and it invites good vibration for the whole year. Common, there’s no harm in trying, afterall, this is ADVENTURE!!!

Off to the mountain we go!

The gang!

Together with our cousins, we energetically climbed the mountain at 4am. Our friend Louise and her siblings went with us, too. We brought with us the left-over from our Media Noche.

Patiently waiting with Louise.

It was 5am when we reached the peak but there was no sign of Mr Sun because it was a bit cloudy. We waited for few minutes and voila! Mr Sun was up! The first sunrise of 2017!!! We caught it! 

Mr Sun is up!

We ate our snacks and had a little chitchats on the top. Around 7am when we decided to go down because the ray was getting hotter.

For the good vibration! 

After we sent Louise and her siblings home, we talked to our cousins and told them that good fortune does not come from catching the first sunrise of the year but from hardwork and our disposition towards life. We just hoped they get it and live with those words.

We don’t really know what is ahead of us. Part of us maybe hopeful about the good luck that the first sunrise brings but we don’t want to rely on that. We still have to work hard. Afterall, we hold the pen and we write our own story.

Life, we believe is not a finished story on the book that we should follow. Rather, it’s a blank page of the book, we still have to write the story.

Here’s to hoping and praying for a wonderful ahead!!!

‘Til next time!

Love, Ace and Demi