How To Get A Local Transport Permit for Your Pet in Cebu. (Updated 2018)

Everyone, meet Elliot. πŸ˜€

And he’s our new travel buddy!

Life just got better when this furry baby came to our life. We stood three months of not traveling because we have to wait ’til Elliot’s ready to travel with us. And finally, the wait is over!!!


For Elliot’s first trip with us, we are taking him to the Lost Horizon of the South — Camotes Island.

First things first: the transport permit.Β 

Here are the easy steps on how to get one in Cebu:

1. Prepare the requirement(s):

  • The Rabies Vaccination Certificate (Your pet should have been vaccinated not more than one (1) year of age and not less than fourteen (14) days from the time of vaccination.)

2. Go to the Bureau of Quarantine and request for a Travel Permit.

3. Fill up the form with the following information:

  • Name of the Shipper
  • Address of Origin
  • Address of Destination
  • Type of Animal to be Shipped
  • Date of Travel
  • Purpose
  • Mode of Transport
  • Wait for the permit to be released. (Mine did not take 10 minutes.)

Important Notes:

* Bureau of Quarantine Cebu is located in BFAR 7 Compound, Arellano St., Cebu City. (Walk at the corner across the Police Station in Pier 1.

*Central Office: (02)925-4343 Email:

* Only animals aged at least 3 months shall be allowed for shipment.

* For dogs and cats, you need to BRING them with you upon getting the permit. (Contrary to what I’ve read online. Glad I brought Elliot with me. The person after me was not given one because his dog was not with him. The staff said, it is to avoid ‘scam’ because some people outside are offering vaccination certificates-for-rent.Β  )

* You don’t have to be the owner nor the shipper to get the permit.

* There is NO FEE.

* In Cebu, the form to be filled-up is in Bisaya. So ask assistance from the staffs if you can’t understand. πŸ˜€

BONUS: For international transport (import and export) you may refer to this postΒ for more information.


Should you find any error or changes to this application process, feel free to leave us a comment below. πŸ˜€

We’re excited to go on our first trip with Elliot. Stay updated for our adventure!

‘Til next time.

Love, Ace and Demi (and Elliot)





44 thoughts on “How To Get A Local Transport Permit for Your Pet in Cebu. (Updated 2018)

  1. Hi. Is it REALLY a requirement to bring the dog when getting the travel permit? We will actuay be commuting in getting it so bringing our Max with us would be stressful for him.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello.
      According to the staff in the Quarantine office here in Cebu, yes, it’s a must. In fact, the man after me was not given one because he did not bring his pet with him and he was advised to come back with the pet.
      I , as well, didn’t really get the purpose of bringing them with us because they did not check Elliot anyway.

      Thanks for dropping by. πŸ™‚


  2. Hi, Ace&Demi!

    Glad I found this post. All the other postings about how to obtain permit to travel is quite outdated. Google maps doesn’t help that much in pin-pointing the exact office location for Bureau of Quarantine for Animals. It always points to the one near Carreta which (I was told) for humans only.

    Hmm… This is quite confusing because I talked to an office personnel the other day and she told me there’s no need to bring the dogs (two bouncing puppies in this case) with me if going to secure permit. I was trying to avoid bringing them because it’s such a hassle, not to mention one of them is byahilo pa gyud. Oh well. I’ll be paying them a visit today.


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    • Hi, thanks for dropping by. πŸ™‚
      We got Elliot’s permit in the address I wrote in this post. I feel you about the hassle of bringing your pet, but that’s what the staff told us that time. That was September last year and I’m not sure if it’s still the same policy.

      Anyway, you just mentioned you went there today, I’d appreciate if you’ll correct us if there are any changes.

      God bless you! Happy Valentine’s Day.

      Love, Ace and Demi


  3. Hei please give me response asap , we need to travel today from cebu to bohol and costguard is requiring us those things u mention above. Problem is the costguard said that, even though we hav all those requirements for pet travellers , we stil hve to wait 15 days from the vaccination day to b able to travel down there? 😦 so stress today. But im glad i found ur blog. Thanks πŸ™‚


    • Hi, sorry to hear about the troubles you have today.
      As long as your pet has been vaccinated and you have the papers, there shouldn’t be any problems. You can secure the permit in minutes and off you go.


    • Hi, Flair.
      If I remembered it right, the transport permit is valid for one week (that’s back and forth). Should you stay in Bantayan longer than the validity of the permit, I suggest you tell the personnel about the duration of your stay. I’m not sure if you can secure one in Sta Fe.

      Thank you for dropping by.
      Love, Ace and Demi.


      • I know you don’t make the laws; so, please don’t think I’m blaming you for this. We normally take our dog with us to Camotes for long weekends. We got snagged this past weekend for the first time. They wouldn’t let us travel with our unpermitted dog. So, we’re going to need to get a permit. But what a hassle! Drive into the city everytime we go? They need to make the silly permit valid for the duration of the pet’s rabies shot (which is one year). Doing this for every trip is little more than bureaucratic flatulation. Ugh.

        Thanks for publishing this info. It’s very helpful!

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  4. Hello,

    Thanks for the info you shared. Elliot is adorable! May I please ask what are the requirements for BoQ? Do we need to complete the vaccines? The puppy we’re getting has no papers yet and has not completed his vaccines yet but the owner is leaving soon so we need to get him na


    • Hello, thanks for dropping by!
      Your pet’s vaccination should not be more than one year and not less than 14 days from the last vaccination date. So, yeah, you need to update his vaccines.


  5. I have a lot of question kay 17 pako huhu and kailangan ug health certificate? Naa shay mga samad gud huhu mao e bring namo sha sa Bohol kay gihatag sha namo kay wa namay atiman. Please reply. Then if dal on sila naay bayd ang dog?

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    • Hello πŸ™‚ Yes, you need to get your pet’s health certificate.
      With regards to payment, there is no fee in getting the permit. But if you’re talking about the ferry transport fee, depende siguro sa barko.


  6. Hello Ace&Demi, glad i found your post it’s really helpful and timely. I do have a quick question, do we really need to secure a cage/crate for the dogs when travelling via ship? How about dog travel bag? WIll that one do? Thank you!

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  7. Hi sir good afternoon! May i just ask how exactly did you bring your pup to Camotes? Did you take the ferry? Or did you take a car then roro? I’m having trouble looking for a ferry going to Camotes with my dog since I don’t have a car 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi! Our apologies for this super late response.
      During our Camotes trip, they allowed us to just put Elliot on a leash. I’m not sure with other ships.


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