Guest Post: “Inspirasyon”

Let’s welcome a guest post from someone dear to me.

This girl had been through a lot and I’m happy to see her moving on and starting to let go because of a “man” she fell-in-love at first sight with. πŸ™‚




Matagal na ako sumuko sa pag-ibig.
Pero isang araw nakita kita, ang puso koy nanginginig.
Hindi ko inakala, sa bukid lang pala kita makikita.
Itong puso kong bigo at sawi, ng dahil sayo nawala ang pighati.
Ang paghanga ko sayo Kevin, itatago ko nalang.

Kahit ang puso koy nasasaktan.
Hindi man kita makita ng harapan, sa larawan mo nalang kita pinagmamasdan..



So, I’m wondering who is this “Kevin” guy? Because I really want to thank him for making this girl so alive now.

Anyway, to you my dear broken woman, there’s no reason to stay broken now. We hope you come to meet this guy someday.



6 thoughts on “Guest Post: “Inspirasyon”

  1. Oh C’mon! you can’t do this to me… I demand a translation. I started of the English part and with my level of nosiness I want to know what she wrote. Pleeeeease haha

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    • πŸ˜€ Hahahah I’m sorry, Patience. I’ll translate it for you. Here it goes…

      It’s been so long since I gave up on love.
      But then one day, we met; my heart skipped a beat.
      Never did I expect to find you in the mountain.
      This once broken heart of mine, because of you the pain starts fading.
      My feelings for you Kevin, is what I am keeping.

      I won’t mind the pain.
      I may not see you face to face, I’ve got photographs of you to stare.

      ~broken woman

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